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Since 1975 young people from about 18 years of age have met with the Hannover Minstrels in order to sing, to dance and to make music. Today you could count 31 active and 14 passive members.

At 1984 the Childrensgroup De Brummküsel (7-12 Years of age) has been established.De Brumküsel

We perform our programm in traditional german farmer’s costumes from Jamund, a little pomeranian village at the baltic sea, an area which is polish now.
Minstrel-TheaterIn addition to the cultivation of the traditional falklore we want to perform it to a multiple audience. We want to show that practising folklore is great fun and everybody can be pleased with it.

The Hannover Minstrels dispose of a comprehensiv selection of dances and songs from german areas and european countries. the group tries to pay attention to the historical and social background of the dances to express their characteristics by a playful arrangemant. Theese efforts led to a scenic presentation of sangs, dancec and music, now a speciality of the group.

Appreciating this work the Hannover Minstrels were awarded a price for Cultural youth education donated by the German minister of Inner Affairs in 1985.

According to the Minstrels of the 13th - 16th century who performed their songs, dances and plays at courts and fairs all over Europe, the Hannover Minstrels regard dance, songs, and music as a linking element and a way to unterstanding.Hannover Minstrels

By more then twenty international exchanges to Hannover Minstrels tried to do justice to the name of their organisation, the “German Youth in Europe”.

The Hannover Minstrels

  • keep up international cantacs to groups in Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Japan and Portugal
  • habe been obtaining first places in the disciplines dancing, singing, and playing with the Federal Musical Competitions of the German Youth for Europe.
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